What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen In Relationships?


What's The Worst Thing That Can Happen In Relationships?

So often people focus on the negative parts of their lives.
I have done that for years so I have a couple things to say about it. 

That way of living has taken it toll on me in so many ways. 

I've had to Reframe the way I was experiencing and looking at the world so I can get what I'm committed to. 

In this show Dylan Stewart and I are going to DEEP DIVE into this topic, watch and see where we go.

Dylan Stewart:

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I was 17 when I decided to get serious about my life


When I decided to get serious about my life the first time I was 17, I had just graduated from High School and by some amazing miracle I got accepted to go to SDSU

The big leagues

I was so proud of myself. I knew exactly what I was going to do. I loved music and people, so I made the choice to pursue music as a dream and psychology as a backup.

I remember registration day.
There was a table outside and lots of eager kids just like me ready to take on their next step in life. I had all my paperwork filled out, I did have questions but I felt confident I could get help.

I was next in line. I stepped up to the person handed them my packet and smiled as I waited instructions, she said “Your Money” I looked surprised and got real confused. What money I asked. Tuition, she said with a smile. I said “I thought school is free”, turns out I was wrong.

I was confused and maybe a little embarrassed but still very happy and excited.

That afternoon I remember telling my...

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Locked-In & Focused


Last night I had a dream, I was at a party and someone took my phone to play music. They couldn’t get music to play and after a few seconds I grabbed the phone back and tried to fix the problem. But just like they said the screen was locked. Everybody was looking at me but I didn’t panic. I was getting frustrated. I hit the round iPhone button but nothing happened. So, I swiped up, then I swiped sideways, I hit the butting on the top side to shut down the phone - but nothing still. The problem was easy to see, the screen was locked!!!

Then I noticed there were a lot of extra buttons on my phone

I noticed it was longer and skinnier than my phone


I noticed it was a TV Remote

Have you ever been locked in so focused on something you shut out other possibilities and fail to see the obvious!?

Swiping Up, Swiping sideways, Trying to reset “your” idea? Maybe trying to get people to see it your way. Have you tried to get people to...

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