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BREAKTHROUGH is... Your Gateway to Life-Changing Mastery in Emotional Intelligence!

Imagine possessing a secret that unlocks unparalleled success in every aspect of your life.

From skyrocketing your business endeavors to cultivating deeper, more fulfilling relationships, in your personal and social life... It's all within reach!

BREAKTHROUGH Powered by The Curiosity Theory unveils this hidden potential and brings it to life in just
3 1/2 transformative hours.

Sounds too good to be true, right? 


With the power of Curiosity at your fingertips,
tangible, life-altering results are not only possible...
They are inevitable.

Meet Your Trainer...

Martin Lopez is our Trainer/Facilitator. He is also a Speaker, Author, and Master Coach in the personal development industry. His book, The Curiosity Theory, revolutionizes perspectives on life, self, and others. Using curiosity, he fortifies professional and personal bonds, enhancing communication and collaboration.

With 35+ years of experience, Martin resolves conflicts and transforms tension into opportunities for connection. He’s a pioneer in conflict resolution, empowering individuals and teams to work openly and efficiently.

Martin is a graduate of the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program and hold multiple certifications in coaching, communication and mental performance.
In addition, he is a real estate professional, a former founder and Vice-President Equity National Funding, and a former record producer and jazz musician (piano and saxophonist). He also leads men’s groups and teaches a course called Men’s BREAKTHROUGH, which is dedicated to helping men powerfully communicate with clarity, love, and kindness.
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BREAKTHROUGH is the real deal... 

A dynamic fusion of practical, actionable training that will reshape how you perceive yourself and "All" your interactions in business and with people. 

What sets BREAKTHROUGH apart from the rest? 

It's simple – We use scientifically proven strategies meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled success.

It's the perfect combination of... Modern Science, Ancient Wisdom, Spiritual Psychology, and Mental Performance.

These are the secrets that have been whispered about for years but never before organized in such a potent, transformative package.

Picture This:

⭐️ Mastering the art of influence in a way that leaves everyone inspired and in action.

🌟 Effortlessly diffusing conflicts and creating human connection in seconds.

⭐️ Creating Instant Rapport, Trust, Safety, and Respect in all your interactions.

🌟 Redirecting conversational patterns with precision and class.

⭐️ Transforming interpersonal challenges into opportunities and positive engagement.
When you walk away from this workshop, you won't just possess knowledge...
You will have... a game-changing tool capable of reshaping your entire reality.
Don't settle for the ordinary. 

Join us for BREAKTHROUGH Powered by The Curiosity Theory and unlock the keys to a life of unparalleled success, fulfillment, and empowerment.
Your breakthrough awaits – seize it today!

In Business

Gain leadership skills and boost productivity. 


Enhances self-awareness, love, and fulfillment.


Effortlessly foster meaningful connections.
The Curiosity Theory is the Ultimate Gateway to mastering emotional intelligence and transforming your life!