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The Curiosity Theory, by Martin Lopez, is a refreshing wake-up call on how applied curiosity is the glue that binds the business, family, and all personal relationships together. Full of powerful insights into effective communication skills, delivered in an engaging, easy-to-internalize style.
– Denis Waitley, author
“The Psychology of Winning”

Emotionally Intelligent

A practical, workable, emotionally intelligent approach for improving communication and relationships. This book will help a lot of people.

– Dr. Greg S. Reid, Founder Secret Knock, Film Producer, American Author & Entrepreneur

Enhance Relationships

People tend to overlook the power of asking questions… especially curious questions to enhance your life in so many ways. Martin Lopez shows you how to do just that. He shares his formula in the Curiosity Theory to open up those deep and fantastic conversations with others and within yourself. I highly recommend for you to grab a copy of this book for you and for all of those you would like to have an enhanced relationship with. You will thank me! 

-Erik “Mr Awesome” Swanson 
13 Time #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, founder of Habitude Warrior Mastermind

The Curiosity Theory is
the result of Martin’s exploration.

Written in the same humorous, conversational style he uses when teaching seminars. The book guides practicing The Curiosity Theory to strengthen relationships in all aspects of your life.
Applied curiosity improves communication and collaboration. It helps teams work together more openly and efficiently. It brings friends, couples and families closer together.

Discover a new path to communication!

Listen Deeper

The Curiosity Theory taught me how to put a structure around my conversations. How to separate the meaning of what people are saying... and what they need. Versus what my needs are. I learned how to listen at a deeper level.
- Brenda Adelman, Award-winning actor

Radical Change

Curiosity Theory is a powerful tool in being able to change the way we change the dynamics of a relationship. Martin has put it together in a very systematic, very well thought out program that allows us to be able to radically change the way we look at life, the way we look at ourselves, the way we look at each other.
—Rohit Juneja, Spiritual thought leader and internationally acclaimed best-selling author

Understand Myself

This book helped me understand myself better than I ever thought possible. In a world where conflicting situations can leave us feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, 'Pause and Reflect: Navigating Conflicts with Clarity' provides a refreshing perspective that has truly transformed my approach to life.

- Steven Wener, Broker EXP Realty

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