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Transforming The Way 
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Curiosity Theory skills represent the gold standard in effective communication and a distinguishing feature of high-performing individuals and organizations.

The Curiosity Theory teaches you how to interrupt the automatic reptilian response at the Point of the TRIGGER.

So rather than:
Get Triggered,
& Regret!! 

 When You Get TRIGGERED, You Pause!
Observe what's happening.
Connect to your Feelings.
Connect to your Needs.
Act according to your values and commitments.

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Get Triggered:
React & Regret

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Get Triggered: Observe, Connect, & Act

Make Powerful Choices in Critical Moments! 


The Curiosity Theory teaches you how to interrupt the automatic reptilian response at the Point of the TRIGGER.
So rather than getting Triggered, React & Regret. When You Get TRIGGERED You Pause! -  Take a breath, Observe what's happening, Connect to your Feelings and Needs, Act according to your values and commitments. Then Celebrate doing and  Anchor-In the win, so you do it again the next time…
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Communication Training for Professionals

Enhance your Authority, Influence, & Results,
By Learning Critical Communication Skills!

Critical Skills...

The Curiosity Theory is a tool to help communicate effectively and create positive results in everything you do. It supports and empowers your personal as well as your professional life.

By proactively embracing the critical role of communication in your organization’s success, you will prevent problems before they start.

Leaders and teams communicate powerfully with respect, understanding, and empathy, dramatically improving workplace culture and employee retention while simultaneously reducing conflict, confusion, and employee disengagement.

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7 Big Results...

Here are seven essential communication skills participants report they learned from 
The Curiosity Theory.

● Effectively handling difficult and sensitive conversations.
● Creating and managing trust, safety & respect.
● Safe & Active listening.
● Ability to inspire, encourage and get people to take action.
● Willingness to be vulnerable and ask questions.
● Understanding decorum & etiquette.
● Willingness to give and receive feedback. 
● And much more!

Shift Your Life...

The Curiosity Theory will bring about a positive, long-lasting shift in your business and the quality of your life. In just three hours, you will experience a shift that will cause a new and unique level of freedom and power—the freedom to be at ease and the power to be effective in the areas that matter most to you and your organization.

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How it Works?

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Breakthrough Technology

The Curiosity Theory is a Breakthrough System designed to navigate and give a positive direction to the 60,000+ thoughts human beings have daily. It’s no secret that our minds run mostly on autopilot and that 90% of our daily thoughts are duplicates and repeating patterns.  

For the most part, this is a good thing. However, suppose you bypass critical or conscious thinking - because you don’t want to be troubled, spend time, or burn calories. You will miss opportunities to understand, problem solve and strategize. Therefore, you will be left reliving your past in thought, action, and results.

Curiosity turns obstacles into opportunities, enhances your ability to handle challenges, and gives you the power to make better choices.

 “When people lack curiosity, they dismiss new opportunities instead of taking the time to explore them.” - Gary Vaynerchuk.

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