How meditation and gratitude journaling freed me from the past

One morning I woke up at 4:15 curious why I disconnect from reality and responsibility.
Why I don’t address simple issues in my life.
I got calmly curious and asked myself: How come I keep avoiding simple, doable tasks in my life?

Through meditation I saw the pain I experienced as a result of a painful. Relationship when I was younger and how I linked and stacked experiences after that to create false belief patterns. I saw where I enforced a negative outcome and insured that outcome by avoiding the very simple tasks and needs of my business and relationships to guarantee failure. I was re-attracting the pain from my childhood. I saw by avoiding simple actions in my life I created and insured the feeling of disappointment and sadness.

It got so bad that a few years ago I started to think I was losing my ability to think critically and I started to give up on that too, again guaranteeing my failure, disappointment and sadness.

Through Meditation and Gratitude Journaling I can now be present with the past pain and release it. As well be present in my life and powerfully deal with reality.

My meditation practice has help me to un peal the onion of my false beliefs and get to the core of what was driving me in a negative direction. Meditation has allowed me to safely look at what has been driving my beliefs and actions and now I am more free than ever. Meditation has given me the strength and vulnerability and desire to love again.

Curiosity and Meditation go good together


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